ArtExtasia Barcelona 2015

Event details

  • Thursday | October 8, 2015 to Sunday | October 11, 2015
  • All Day
  • Barcelona, Spain

Contents of our Programs

A New Erotic Paradigm in the Tantric vision

An incendiary dialogue about the visionary Tantric perspective on Sacred Eros and Divine Love. Great practical methods for jumping from the devouring sex to infinite effervescence,  from "sneeze-type orgasm" to multiple orgasms outside time limits, from degeneration to regeneration.

Full Tantra Contact Dancefor couples

A workshop to awaken and direct upwards the energies in the body, and using them as fuel to increase creativity, erotic, affective and spiritual fulfillment.

Art of Orgasm for Womentypes of orgasms.

Intensive workshop to cultivate and instantly access the total tantric orgasm without time limits. Learning the different types of orgasms, the mental reprogramming of healthy sexuality as a perfect instrument of psychic healing and connection with our Divine Being.

Games to Awaken the SoulInitiation into the Tantric mysteries through movement, play and magic of communion

New Erotic Paradigm - 2

Sexual Continence

Dialogue-event on the most ancient, most provocative and powerful secrets that have been best kept. You will find the truth that saves you from the sexual failure that produces the common orgasm with ejaculation. Here you will discover how to become your own owner and how you can use the huge erotic potential existing in you, to elevate it within your being. To where? Towards Heaven and beyond.

Erotic Dance for Women - Neo-Burlesque

The neo-burlesque workshop is an effervescent, creative workshop full of humor and refinement where we teach and share a modern form of erotic expression of the woman that can in this way become very attractive and relaxed.

Art of Orgasm for Women and Men

Intense workshop to discover and explore the gigantic energy of orgasm with the purpose of opening the heart, expanding the state of communion in the couple and attaining divine happiness. Awaken male power (for men) and female power (for women) with methods that help them both become multi-orgasmic beings.

Natural and safe method of increasing the breasts - exceptional technique, 100% Natural.

Erotic Dance for Women - Striptease

Striptease was born from the ancient dances of the 7 veils. Symbol of the limits we need to overcome to reach the sacred center of our being, where we reveal and discover ourselves, naked and happy.

The Erotic Dance workshop offers women a magical space to understand and experience striptease from the perspective of the Tantric path. The secrets that accompany a new method of learning can bring a mystical and illuminating sensual experience.

New Erotic Paradigm 3 "From sexuality to Tantric Eros"

Effervescent seminar on the leap from horizontal to vertical, from sexuality to the tantric eroticism. Simple and powerful methods that free us from the conditioning of the genital biological, and overturn the dictatorship of the ejaculatory impulse, which dries up our internal energy resources. You will know how to master these resources and how to amplify and use them in the growth of your being, to obtain a deep soul communion with the loved one and a communion with the infinite mystery of the divine.

Romantic-Erotic Trance Party

A party where there is no need for alcohol or drugs to enter a trance. With us you experience lucid, romantic and ecstatic trance. We invite you to convince yourself!

New Erotic Paradigm 4

"Profane Love and Sacred Love"

How to make the transition from falling in love, attachment, sexual and emotional exhaustion, to divine enlightenment, love, true freedom, and sacred eros. How to make the vertical leap in the human condition, to connect with our Divine Essence.

The dialogue with ArtExtasia offers answers from the ancient Tantric secrets, sharing ingenious methods of applying this teaching in everyday life.

Adoration of Women

Show-event with the participation of the audience. We expect women who wish to be valued, adored, contemplated, transfigured to feel and know how to express their Inner Goddess.

All workshops and services are offered free of charge. Respectful and harmonious intimate environment. No form of filming or recording is allowed. "ArtExtasia" events are for heterosexual couples and individuals.

Limited seating. No drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

We reserve the right of admission.




The Real Revolution

The basic elements of this New Erotic Paradigm are:

  1. The secret force of femininity

For the first time in history, masses of women unite in spiritual solidarity and are sustained by men who love them to recognize and awaken their Divine Essences.

Its gigantic forces form a global feminine consciousness, to heal our planet and regenerate all Humanity through Sacred Eroticism.

  1. Sexual Continence

It is to opt for life, to value and respect the chance that we have all received from living on this planet. It is, through eroticism, the compatibility between sexuality and spirituality, the creative force that awakens higher aspects of our being to accelerate our evolution and reach the absolute spiritual freedom that is the goal of life.

  1. Divine Eroticism and Sacred Love

Eroticism is a divine attribute and transcends sex which is a biological attribute. Both use the same energy of the creative potential, but their orientations are different.

The Divine Eros discovers the mystery of creation in everything through Sacred Love which is sacrificial love. The biological focuses on procreation to maintain itself here in the world.

The Divine Eros is oriented only to be completely and definitely unified with the Creator and His Creation.

The common orgasm, accompanied by the energetic discharge is simply genital and mechanical. In the transfigured Tantric love the two lovers achieve a full, cosmic orgasm, which manifests itself on another level of the being and lacks ejaculation. In the case of Tantric amorous ecstasy, the word orgasm can not even represent the experience that is truly paradisiacal.

Matter is transcended and a new world is born. Its foundations are respect for life, Sacred Love and Divine Eros.




Practical advice - October 1-4.

For couples, men and women on how to introduce
Sexual Continence in your love life.
Each session lasts 15 minutes
(And extra 7 minutes can be added).
Council sessions serve to enhance your love life
Through the Sexual Continence.
The sessions are completely free.