ArtExtasia Barcelona 2016

Event details

  • Thursday | October 6, 2016 to Monday | October 10, 2016
  • All Day
  • Barcelona, Spain



Esoteric Eroticism

Sacred Sensuality

Sublime Love

in our space of TANTRIC ART

This year The ArtExtasia group offers you:

  1. Tantric Ecstatic Shows
  • A space of sacred sensuality, pure poetry and divine harmony where you discover the magic of feminine art and the millenary secrets of the Tantric tradition.
  1. seduccionArt and the Art of Seduction
  • Being fascinating, magnetic, charismatic is not a gift but a choice.
  • In this workshop the artists of the Extasia group together with the audience will create a ludic space of initiation where you will learn how to be a great artist, consciously and divinely integrated in the great stage of your own life.
  1. The Language of Love - Interactive Talk
  • Discover how to use in your life the enigmatic power of symbols related to sexuality, eroticism and love.
  • We invite you to travel in space and time to gain access to authentic Tantric knowledge.
  1. Conscious Love - Experiential Workshop
  • For those who aspire to have fulfilling, transforming and happy love relationship.
  • An opportunity to learn and assimilate the basic principles of the conscious tantric love based on the universal divine laws.
  1. Adoration of Women

It is a transformative practice of adoration and transfiguration that helps them awaken self-esteem and savorous, intense and sacred sensuality.


  1. Private counseling and advice
  • Individual sessions with experienced trainers from the tantric path.
  • Practical answers related to one's life, love and tantric art.
  1. Movie Show
  • A space dedicated to cinematographic art and beauty. Revolutionary erotic films, a new direction in cinematography: mystical eroticism.