ArtExtasia Porto 2016

Event details

  • Thursday | March 10, 2016 to Sunday | March 13, 2016
  • 17:00 - 22:00
  • Porto, Portugal



The Divine Woman


The program of ArtExtasia is a gate that opens the access for everybody to the ancient Tantric wisdom by exploring its sacred lineage.

This year ArtExtasia offers you a space where the woman can learn how to awaken and fully manifest her inner goddess. Here you will receive the map to a realm where love, eroticism and the spirit are inseparable. ArtExtasia connects you with the inner genius of your own eroticism.

No pills, no substances, no drugs. We are more powerful than all this: we are free!

Tantra is a timeless wisdom that keeps its freshness to this day.

Tantra makes visible the invisible.



The Art of Orgasm

Terapia deo Orgasmo

Simple, powerful, and genius methods that free us from biological and genital conditioning and abolish the dictatorship of ejaculation that depletes the inner resources of our energy.

You will learn how to control these resources and how you can amplify them for your personal evolution, to obtain a deep communion with the soul of your loved one, and ecstatic union with the Divine.