ArtExtasia Porto 2017

Event details

  • Thursday | March 9, 2017 to Sunday | March 12, 2017
  • 17:00 - 22:00
  • Porto, Portugal


Events created by ArtExtasia present a new and innovative perspective that has a source in an ancient and transfiguring vision regarding femininity and eroticism based on Sacred Love and Divine Eros.

ArtExtasia team offers activities that are based on

Esoteric Eroticism

Mystic Sensuality and

Sublime Love

This year the ArtExtasia team offers:

Erotic Ecstatic Tantric Shows program

- We invite you to travel with us through the secret gardens of esoteric eroticism. Its roots are present in most of the spiritual traditions of humanity. You will discover the timeless message of an ancestral wisdom perfectly valid for today.

- Explore sacred spaces of sensuality and divine love.You will witness the mystery and poetry of the encounter between masculine and feminine in an unusual, magical and provocative way.

"Man and woman will reveal their archetypal aspects of beauty and nobility.You will experience a state of wonder by noting how the frenzy of sacred eroticism re-establishes in men and women their essential dignity of the souls that have bodies and not bodies that have souls.

- After each show the artists of the Extasia group answer the questions of the audience.

Adoration of Women

- A transforming practice of adoration and transfiguration that helps women to awaken their self-esteem, their unique beauty and their shining and sacred sensuality.

- A magical space of intimacy, full of care and love. An unforgettable spiritual experience that dissolves the fears and blockades of the participants.

- Guided into a state of pure happiness, the adored woman will experience the high ecstasy of eroticism as a celebration of this divine essence in every woman.

Interactive Encounters - a playful space for initiation

Love in the Baroque - experiential workshop. Polarization, seduction, adventure, play.

- This creative framework will give you the possibility of transporting yourself to different delicious, sensual and novel roles - to provoke your spontaneity and allow the discovery of new facets of your being.

- Through the initiatic games and mystery you will have the revelation of a secret cosmic law that makes the male and female principles interact, play and complete each other permanently. You will discover how to use this force of polarity to attract more happiness into your life.

Private Counseling and Advice

- In private sessions teachers of the tantric initiatic path will share their knowledge - fruit of their spiritual practice.

- You will be able to get practical answers to your questions about how to improve your relationship, your erotic life and how to apply tantric principles to achieve a state of lasting happiness.


The Esoteric Eroticism and Art of Conscious Love

- Lectures on the lesser known aspects of eroticism, love and relationship in the couple, revealed by the esoteric traditions.

- Complex information that reveals how this knowledge can enrich your life and your relationships and how you can use it in a concrete way in your life.

The charismatic power of the superior man

- Seminars, where men become familiar with the specific qualities of elevated masculinity: confidence, courage, overflowing virility, ability to control all their energies, erotic and emotional magnetism, etc.

- Practical methods to awaken, develop and apply these extraordinary qualities in their lives.

- These exquisite insights will help the man easily manipulate his energies, emotions and situations and become the sovereign master of his own life, who can even shape his destiny according to divine principles.

The Precious Gift of Femininity

- A real view of the true goal of being a woman that can only be fulfilled when she understands how to access her archetypal femininity.

- Basic steps will be presented for the true path of self-knowledge, a frenetic and tasty sensuality and self-realization of women by the awakening and cultivation of all their inner wealth.

- Women will understand how to use their eroticism, sensuality, to connect with their inner being and thus achieve concrete results and happiness.

- Participants will also discover the secrets of a higher perspective on the best attitude toward themselves, other women, toward the man they love and the man in general.

High Frequency Love - for couples aspiring to a fulfilled relationship

- Seminars for couples who wish to have a respectful, transformative and happy relationship.

- An opportunity to learn and assimilate the basic principles of conscious tantric love.

- Practical methods to help the couple maintain and enhance erotic effervescence in a long-term relationship.

- Participants will discover the true goal of a couple relationship from the holistic point of view of life and love.